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Megaintervista: DJ PRZM

DJ PRZM è uno dei produttori più originali e interessanti degli ultimi anni.
Lo avrete sicuramente sentito al campionatore sull’ottimo (e sottovalutato) album degli S.A. Smash, Smashy Trashy, uscito per la Def Jux qualche anno fa e, al microfono, sull’incredibile Rockin’ It degli Spitball.
Altrimenti, vi state perdendo un’ottima esperienza…
Lo stile è quello che piace a me: funky, off-beat, choppato e compatto. L’accompagnamento perfetto per l’hardcore della scena dell’Ohio, che PRZM ha contribuito a fondare e a tenere su, prima di trasferirsi in California. Ora PRZM, indaffaratissimo, porta avanti la propria crew Spitball (uno dei nomi da tenere d’occhio per quanto riguarda le future stars dell’hip hop indipendente, fidatevi…) e vari altri progetti.
Lo abbiamo sentito (lasciando le risposte in inglese per non togliere pregnanza: se avete bisogno di chiarimenti, chiedete).

There is a very talented hip hop scene in Ohio. Not just yourself and the Spitball crew, but a lot of other cats. Do you want to introduce the Ohio scene to the Italian fans?

Well, I’m in Cali now. Moved here in January ‘06. But I still represent Ohio and Detroit (I am from Detroit). But I made my base in Columbus. I’m coming out with a DVD about the hip hop scene I started in ‘98 in Ohio. The scene that I created was very grimy. I deejayed this very underground spot called Bernie’s, with two other deejays named DJ Pos2 and DJ Drunk Lo. Pos is white and Lo is cambodian. We were blackman, whiteman and chinese man. Haha... We call ourselves The Fonosluts. I’m not sure too much about what’s going on now, scene-wise. but I hear it’s not the same without us running it.

Let’s talk about you. How did you get your start in the game?

I’ve been playing with records ever since I was 8 or 9. My aunts and uncles had all of the funk and r’n’b records. I would go through them and read the backs and play them. I broke my mothers turntable by scratching on it. The motor wore out. Haha. I was in deep ish. My father is a multi talented musician. He plays everything. Most of the guys in my family are into music or make it. The women are not (into music) as much. but I used to deejay house parties in Detroit. I moved to Pittsburgh for art school. But I ended up doin’ more writing and producing. I didn’t get a foot in the door til I moved to Columbus, Ohio. There I met all the cats that helped me get to where I am now. I still got a long way to go though... Haha

You are the founder of Spitball, a very interesting new act. What inspired you to do so and what do we have to expect from Spitball in the near future?

Spitball came about with a cat I met in art school (Eclypse the Predanatural). He’s from detroit too, but he went to art school in Pittsburgh. He can spit!!! Rap his ass off!!! He had a silly slapstick style like me. I had to come up with a silly but hardcore name for us, it had to be grimy and dirty. The name Spitball fits that description perfect!! We ended up adding mad heads to the group. We ran Columbus. No one could fuck with us. But after some years, it ended up being 3 members (Bru Lei added). In which I was still happy!! That’s when we got grimier. We have a full length (CD) coming soon, called The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back, packed with offbeat, slow, grimy, hardcore, but silly songs. (I will) keep (you) posted.

You can rap, but you are mostly known for your production skills. How did you develop your style and who are your favourite producers?

My style probably developed from funk and kooky music. I love offbeat beats, but the ones that have that bounce. I love Kraftwerk and early electro from the 60’s,70’s and 80’s. I love old new wave. I grew up listening to everything from country to classical. But I’m also a 95er. The 90’s hiphop. Marley Marl. Ice Cream T. MC Barsha. Those are some of my favs from back then. Mad r’n’b producers from back in the day!!! Too many to name. Mad 90’s hip hop producers!!! Too many... Haha
I like a lot of new producers too. Lot of down South crunk producers too, even though my music is nothin’ like it.

If you were given the chance, what artists would you want to work with?

I wanna work with Poison Pen and Al Shiid. Those cats are ill to me!!
What records have you got out at the moment and do you want to plug them?

Yeah. I got out a Spitball EP, Welcome to Spitsville, on Silent Records and the Off the Clock EP featuring Illogic on Fonoslut Records.
(Also, check) the Meta4ce Omega EP True Hollyhood Stories on Fonoslut Records and the Spitball 12” featuring Thirstin Howl III and Rack-Lo.
You can find and buy all of these goodies at or Longrange distribution (search it on google).
I have got a shit load of music coming very soon too. Keep checkin’ for updates and the myspace bulletin.

Any final words for your Italian fans?

Man, this is amazing to me! I didn’t know heads in Italy knew who I was... Haha. I really thank u guys for the support. Keep checkin’ my page for updates. Tell all yuor buddies about me, and leave comments. I will keep doin it for all of u!!! No doubt!!!



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